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New NYS Workers Comp Forms

There has been a lot of fear and concern in the healthcare industry about the new forms from the New York State Workers Compensation Division. The good news is that the good folks at Eclipse are ahead of the curve as usual and Eclipse is ready to print these new forms. This page will give you the information you need to set up your patients to print the new forms and also how to actually print the new forms.

Note: We have just release our new Workers Comp Finder program that will automatically list for you all the patients you need to setup for the new C4s based on recent visits. This new program is free of charge to all Eclipse users. You can learn more about this program and our other customized reports for Eclipse on our Products page.

System Setup

The system set up is very straight forward, you just need to have a new version of Eclipse that has the new C4 forms implemented.

1.       Make sure you have a new update, at least V10 after 2/6/09.

2.       Check in the MPN\forms folder and insure the following files are present;
        a.       NY-C4.pdf and NY-C4.xml
        b.      NY-C41.pdf and NY-C41.xml
        c.       NY-C42.pdf and NY-C42.xml
        d.      NY-C43.pdf and NY-C3.xml
        e.      NY-AMR.pdf and NY-AMR.xml
        f.        NY-AUTH.pdf and NY-AUTH.xml

3.       You are now ready to setup patients

 Patient Setup

Setting up a patient is not complex, but does require some thought. Any new patients that you add to your system as Workers Comp patients will require three WC forms to be setup. They will need the C4, C41, and C42. The C4 is the initial filing form, the C42 is the regular billing form you will use and the C41 is the continuation bill form in case a bill has over 6 charges.

If the patient is an existing patient who has already had at least one bill filed, then you need to setup the forms C41, and C42.

Note: All WC patients must have the extra form C41 implemented. The C41 is used in case there are more than 6 charges on a bill. Eclipse will automatically try to use the C41 to print the extra charges.

So to setup a patient, simply follow these steps.

1.       If patient is pre-existing, then setup the forms C42 and C41.

2.       If patient is new, then setup the forms C4, C41, and C42.

3.       Open patient record and go to the current Workers Comp case.

4.       Click on the Condition tab and select the PI/Comp/State sub tab.

5.       At the top left of this screen you’ll see a large button marked “Launch a specific C4 billing form for editing …”

6.       Click this button and select the form you desire to set up.

7.       The selected form will open in a new tab and is ready to be completed.

8.       Fill out the missing data in the form.

9.       When you exit this form, you will be asked to save your data. Click Yes.

10.   Now select the next form to be completed for this patient and set up that form using steps 6 through 9.

11.   When completed with all the patient’s forms, move onto the next patient to be setup.

How to Bill

Billing with the new C4 forms is only slightly different that with the legacy C4s. When you do your group billing by selecting Bills|Unbilled Charges, you will select the new "NY C4 10/08 2. Progress" form. The rest of the group billing for your workers comp patients is the same.

If you have a workers comp patient who does not have a C4.2 setup for them yet, then Eclipse will notify you in the error list. The bill will be created, but will not be printed. This leads us to our next topic.

How to Enter a New Workers Comp Patient

In this section lets assume you are already setup and billing with the new C4 forms. A new patient walks into your office. What is the process to set up this new patient.

  1. Create the patient into Eclipse and put them into your Managed Care Profile for workers comp.

  2. Continue your normal bill process. If billing time comes and the patient is not setup with the C4, there is no problem. Eclipse will remind you with an entry in the billing errors list.

  3. Set up the C4, C4.1, and C4.2. The information on these are similar and the process works best if they all get created at once, so do them all at one time.

  4. Once the forms are created, open the patients Bills in the Ledger and us the Print button to report their existing bills onto the new forms. Select Bill 1 and select the form "NY C4 10/08 1. Initial form." Then select any bills number 2 and higher and print them onto the form "NY C4 10/08 1. Progress." Note if more then 6 line items are on any of these bills, then Eclipse will print them on an additional form C4.1.

Create New Conditions

As the patient progresses in their care, new conditions are needed to document their status. The new C4 forms in Eclipse follow the condition process. There will be a new set of forms for each new condition. Eclipse helps you in setting up these new forms by copying data from the last form to the current. This saves you time in setting up the new form.

  1.  Navigate to the patient's condition screen.

  2. Click the button for Next Condition.

  3. You will be prompted; Do you want to Copy Information From the Current Condition, for a variety of subjects.

  4. Select yes for the C4 forms.

Modify an Existing Form

  1. Navigate to the patient's condition screen and select the PI/Comp/State tab.

  2. Click the Launch a specific C4 billing form for editing ..." button like you were creating a new form.

  3. Select the form you want to modify

  4. Eclipse will automatically detect that the form already exists and display the data that has already been input.



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